Wear your Crown

Wear your Crown

May your backbend be an expression of your courageous heart, may your forward bend be a reverential bow and your lunge be a deep curtsey with the greatest respect for all beings. 


At the end of your practice, when you step off your yoga mat and back into your day, what do you take with you? What did you learn on your mat about yourself, the state of your body, mind, emotions - this integration process is the key to greater awareness, compassion, and understanding – ahimsa in action, how you are in relationships to yourself and with others.

Let’s rewind back to the starting point – when you step onto your mat or meditation cushion, notice what you are bringing in with you - how does your body feel, what are your energy levels, what's happening in life and in the world that is on your mind and affecting your mood? This is a rich source of truth, how life is impacting your health and wellbeing. This is important to know.

Our yoga practice is not separate. It has meaning when we acknowledge where we start and how we transition from the yoga mat and back out into life, a transformational process.

As a yoga teacher and therapist, there is always inspiration in what’s happening in the world, endless resources for theming yoga classes, workshops and courses, a reminder that life is moving through us in real time.

The King’s Coronation is such an instance which got me thinking about community. Yoga teachers refer to the crown chakra, the higher self, vinyanamaya kosha (your royal Highness), service as love in action, working for the common good (the commonwealth), devotion, sustaining an unshakeably strong spirit to find perfect freedom, joy and hope that endures, a transformational process  - something about becoming a sovereign in service sounded familiar - it brought me closer to home with a feeling of being part of a glorious yoga community that holds great importance in my life. 


A sovereign has the power to rule with autonomy, beyond the interference of others. 

Your Higher self is sovereign of your own domain, the trillions of cells that make up your body, your inner land to the east and west, north and the south.


As you read this, sit comfortably as if you are seated on your throne. 

Imagine your very own crown and what it would look like - made of gold encrusted with gems, a light daisy chain or simple tiara? 

Reach your arms up beyond your crown chakra and place your precious crown ceremoniously onto your head.

Anoint yourself  through a rotation of consciousness, body scan or find words to breathe in as a vow of self-care, in service to the common good of your inner community.


Press softly down into your seat, lengthen up through your spine, lift from the occipital bone at the back ridge of your skull and the tip of your breast bone in the front - hold your head up high, soften your eyes, jaw, tongue, throat, even a wise smile.

Sit majestically a little taller and find a place to stay, be still and hold your attention here. You can use your imagination to travel through your own inner land as sovereign, down pathways, into palaces, cities, hills, waters. 

Stay for some time, breathing into the magnificence, celebration and majesty of what you find and who you are.


Ask your higher self (your highness)  this question: how am I serving myself and others? 

Do my actions serve to the highest good?

To complete your practice. Stand up and take a few steps forward wearing your crown. 

Meet and greet other people - as Kings, Queens and Sovereigns of their own domains. 

How will you live together in harmony, be neighbours, allies and friends, hold clear boundaries, show respect and understanding for the 11 billion humans who live on this planet, and the great Orb Earth? 

Moving forward into life, you can choose to wear your crown any time, especially when you feel a little down on yourself, critical and judgmental of others, alone, or out of control.


May we all be free, may we all be autonomous and live together in harmony through love in action. 

I do hope to connect with your royal Highness - If you wish to connect for yoga classes, 1-2-1 yoga therapy, or take our self-care module course - check out what's going on HERE

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