What is Yoga Therapy?

What is Yoga Therapy?

'When you discover ways to befriend your body, regain peace of mind, rest & sleep well, everyone around you feels the glow - pass it on' Judy Hirsh Sampath

A few points about yoga therapy

• You are not alone

• A yoga therapist can support your individual needs

• Your body has its own amazing capacity for self-healing

• A yoga therapist can be witness you going through a process of deep healing & change

• Your body remembers more than your mind

• Tune into what's important and find new perspectives and ways to prioritise

The Yoga Therapy Boom

Yoga Therapy is fast becoming a recognised and scientifically proven mind/body system in offering people improved physical, mental, and emotional health. With over-stretched health services, high rates of absenteeism at work due to illness, and pharmaceutical fixes, yoga therapy can work alongside other treatments to support healing and wellness.

UK Parliament, the NHS, Global Yoga Therapy day and conferences in Europe, the USA and Australia are testament that people are taking notice of the outcomes of yoga therapy backed up by scientific research and trails.

Training as a Yoga Therapist

People often seek out a yoga therapist as a last resort, because they are desperate and have tried the ‘usual routes’ to recover good health. Mostly, clients arrive with physical, mental, emotional tension and pain of some kind.

Through my own yoga therapy practice, I have become more sensitive and intuitive the essence of this work - I have no doubt that the body expresses mental and emotional tension through physical presentation - for example skin conditions can be related to irritation and anxiety, digestive problems where not only food can difficult to digest but there are times when information is too hard to process, pains in the chest and breathing problems may show up physically in times of heart break and unrequited love. 

Yoga therapy takes in the whole person, what's happening in their life, thought patterns, stressful events, environment and how factors and ongoing stress effect on the nervous system. It requires experience and training to pick up subtle frequencies, to encourage clients to take back responsibility for their own healing, and to meet and greet whatever arises from the body that is unfinished business. 

In conjunction with traditional medicine, evidence based education, this is a powerful path to recovery.

So powerful in fact, that I was inspired to train yoga teachers and health professionals to take yoga therapy out into the world. I am blown away with our trainees, their dedication, trust in the process and passion for their own growth and change as they re-discover Self, gather gems and tools, and the fundamental importance of healing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wounds in community and on this planet.

What courses are on offer with Yoga United Education?


Our 60 hour foundation Essentials course is quality assured by the British Wheel of Yoga (BWY) and introduces the essence of yoga therapy tools, ways to self-care, skills on listening, collaboration and co-creation, trauma-informed language, anatomy and physiology, common conditions like anxiety, depression, back pain. As the focus is on our own self-healing, this can be a stand alone foundation course for yoga teachers, for those who wish to receive yoga therapy, try out new ways of being within a close-knit group of peers, and also as the first of 10 modules that make up our flagship professional Yoga Therapy diploma training (550hrs).

Judy Hirsh Sampath, that's me! is the yoga therapy course leader, with tutors in their specialist fields like Antonia Boyle's NLP revelations, Beverley Nolan's somatic anatomy, Mary Mackie's yoga therapy focused body systems, Sylviane Gianina's endlessly fascinating take on Patanjali's sutras, Uma Dinsmore Tuli's cyclical wisdom and shake, and yoga nidra expertise, Tarik Dervish on Ayurveda, and Michael Lee's Phoenix Rising yoga therapy essentials.

You don’t have to be a yoga teacher to be tune into your wise self for personal and/or professional development.

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Article written by Judy Hirsh Sampath,

Yoga Teacher (BWYdip, Yoga Elder IYN)

Yoga Therapist (PRYT600, C-IAYT, CNHC)

Yoga Therapy Course Director (YUYT 550hrs)

Faculty, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy