Where are you find ethical festive yoga gifts this year?

Where are you find ethical festive yoga gifts this year?

 ethically sourced yoga gifts spicesWhere are you find ethical festive yoga gifts this year?

Yoga gifts at Yoga United

Ethically sourced yoga bag face powder soap gifts pack Our gift range is designed in loving support, and for your delight

We have gathered together some great products and put them together to make it easier for you to buy ethical...

we understand that it takes time, effort and trust to make responsible choices about where to buy ethical products.

As you may have experienced in recent times, it can take a lot of work, messy conversations, mistakes, and investment to create change in the world.

And the reality is, that can create overwhelm and discomfort. We can’t do it all…but we can make an effort to create a shift in our habits, our conversations, willingness to listen, recycle and shop ethically.

Sourcing Ethical Gifts from India

Ethicall souced yogamalai props and kits gift packsOur mission is to integrate the yoga we learn on the yoga mat with the principles of how we live our lives - how we can non-harm in relationship for self care and communal care. 

In yoga classes, we hear the importance of harmony and balance, learn how to regain a connection with the cyclical pace and flow of nature.

We are committed to making a difference, and as yoga practitioners, teachers and therapists, our attention naturally turns back to source - the motherland of yoga from where we have received great wisdom.

Ethical Online Gift Shopping

As a retail business, we are partnering with like-minded companies who meet social responsibilities for people and land.

We have sourced products that are made with love and care, and that support people from disadvantaged backgrounds in becoming independent.

Ethical trading means fair wages, good working conditions. We are working towards using materials and packaging that support sustainability as much as we can.

From candles in clay pots made in support of raising awareness for the Dalit people, and soaps made at a Womens Cooperative in Kerala, our gifts come packed in a colourful re-usable gift bag, lovingly handmade by Yogamalai in partnership with women in Tamil Nadu

What a combo!

ethically sourced warming gift pack

Gift ideas under £15 

Who would you like to delight and support?

CLICK HERE to find some beautiful gift pack ideas to suit your budget

from £5, £6, £10, £15 and upwards – Wishing you a merry warm glowing festive time this winter,

Love from the Yoga United Team xxx