Why choose Restorative Yoga Teacher Training?

Why choose Restorative Yoga Teacher Training?

So you want to get started on your yoga teaching journey and it has been on your ‘to do list’ for some time and you are now ready to choose a yoga teacher training course that’s right for you. Having a clear idea of the yoga you want to teach will guide you as you look through the many courses, and different levels of certification available. Or you may not want to teach, you may just simply want to learn to further your knowledge and have a deeper understanding of the practice, or apply it as a therapeutic tool in your personal life, career, wellbeing practice etc.

Because Restorative Yoga practice seeks to rest and replenish the body systems rather than make demands on them it is accessible to so many people who just need to slow down and relax. We are so encouraged to be witnessing a growing recognition of the importance of Restorative Yoga and a number of studio timetables are creating slots for Restorative classes and many teachers are including elements of the practice in their own workshops and retreats.

Exploring this supportive and nurturing practice, whose roots lie in the classical texts (and you'll get to explore these too), will give you first-hand experience of the potential benefits Restorative Yoga brings in terms of rebalancing the mind-body connection. You will clarify the physiological and neurological underpinnings to the practice which will enable you to confidently answer questions from potential students, and the trauma-informed nature of the training means you'll have a clear understanding of when to recommend the practice and when to exercise caution. So, in addition to immersing yourself into a relaxation mode that you may have missed for a long time, you will be developing a new knowledge pool and adding to your professional teaching skills.

So you have made a positive and restorative choice,

We are here to offer you the connection and enriching experience you have been looking for https://www.yogaunited.com/restorative-yoga-18.html

Our restorative environment is ready to welcome you.

It's our desire that you come away from our training informed, equipped and inspired, and ready to maximise the potential of your time and financial investment with us. We'd also like you to be as passionate about the practice as we are!

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