Getting into the flow with YOGA

Getting into the flow with YOGA

Appreciating the Yoga flow 

Yoga lady floating in water Go With The Yoga Flow

Feeling stuck at the moment and the flow is not there, wishing your life would flow more easily?

Not everything will go as we expect in our life. This is why sometimes we need to change perspective, look through a new lens and go with the yoga flow.

Understanding the elements of nature and change in seasons allows our awareness around change to evolve our yoga practise. Summer has so many offerings, the warm sun, the gentle breeze, and the beautiful blue skies. An appreciation for this magical season, and the warm weather make it easier for us to connect with our fluid body. As ice melts, it changes its properties from solid to fluid…yes its possible to change things we think are solid in our lives to something fluid too!

Our bodies are around 80% water and should be hydrated and nourished, flowing easily through elastic membranes. Summer is a great time for a new beginning, a change of direction, allowing fresh energy to shift subtly around you.

Yoga Holiday feeling happy  Happy movements in life

Movement in the body creates movement in life, are you ready to move around? Integrating the element of water into your practice will help you connect, feel nourished and cool your whole body. Lying, sitting, standing begin to create the fluidity that your body loves.

Create a flow to suit you:

  • Start to move around as if you are flowing through water-anyway you like. This does not have to be ‘yoga poses’, just moving and playing around in a way that feels pleasant. Notice if there are areas that feel frozen too.
  • Stand for a few moments so you feel your human form!

The earth underneath you, the spine upright and your head balanced on top reaching into the air. You are water and fire in between.

  • Feel your cells full of water keeping you buoyant and springy as you move in slow motion from hands and knees to standing up, find your own way to do this.
  • Your spinal chord is bathed in fluid, imagine your spine, moving freely like water any way you like. Let yourself feel the difference between a rigid rock and a smooth pebble.

Happiness is a positive flow, let the ocean and waves inspire your imagination.

Join us on a journey to the Indian ocean and experience natural yoga in a beautiful setting.

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