Yoga Therapist Dreams

Yoga Therapist Dreams

When you experience the immeasurable power and magic of yoga, how it has become an ally in getting you through difficulties life throws at you

You have first hand experience of the miracle of the body to repair and heal itself
You have deep gratitude for having yoga in your life,

it’s natural to want to share it with others

Is there something getting in the way?

I hear a lot of excitement and good intentions from people thinking about training to become yoga therapists, but there is often the self-doubt part, the inner critic that comes forward - I often hear this kind of mantra being repeated internally ‘I don’t know enough’, ‘my postures aren’t perfect enough’, I don’t have self-confidence’, ‘I’m too old’, ‘I can’t retain information’, ‘why would I think I can be an authority on anything?’ – any of the above sound familiar?

What I’m reading between the lines

If I am repeating these beliefs to myself as a mantra, that’s what I will believe, and that’s what I will become.

Look at you – you are already successful in other areas of your life – whether as a yoga teacher, health professional, school teacher, manager, leader, parent, speaker, healer, human being – there may be very good reasons why you have lost your confidence and trust in yourself but those obstacles can be uprooted.

Just imagine! Imagine if you could empower yourself 

and others to be enough, and open up to limitless possibilities.

Yoga United Education’s Diploma in Yoga Therapy

As you know, there is no one-size-fits-all yoga. The same with yoga therapy, there is no cookie cutter perfect yoga therapist.

As well as formal learning that meets the BCYT requirements, at the heart of our diploma is the intention to support trainees in gathering up their knowledge, life experience, inner resources and special interests to become unique yoga therapists working in a trauma sensitive and intuitive way. Trainees learn how to assess individual needs of the client, guide them to re-claim their power to heal, and become pro-active in their own process.

Sharing your unique gift

We offer guest modules and masterclasses, and a children’s track option to highlight different methods of yoga therapy. Our trainees gain invaluable experience working 1-2-1 and in small yoga therapy groups - as they qualify to professional status, they will already be spreading their magic out to those in need.

We support our trainees in becoming confident in understanding yoga therapy, and in delivering effective sessions. Trainees and tutors all continue to observe and learn from our own ever-shifting personal journeys - navigating difficulties and suffering to find steadiness, to reconnect with our own wisdom, bliss and empowerment. This means that as yoga therapists, we can model ways of listening, understanding and connecting that creates safe conditions in which our clients can open up, grow and transform too.

Transformation starts with you and that’s why we offer a foundation module (module 1 of 10) before you dive into the full commitment of another long training and check it’s a good fit.

Formal Learning

The formal training covers scientific understanding of the body’s systems with related conditions, experiential anatomy through somatic enquiry, ancient philosophy into action today, the psychology of behaviour, cognition and consciousness. As well as academic research and case studies, this course emphasises professional practice and practicum and includes practical assignments on marketing and setting up a professional yoga therapy practice.

At Yoga United Education

Our workshops, courses and training are not only to gain knowledge and acquire skills but to learn how to apply them. By the end of the training, you should have more than a certificate, you have the confidence to take your own unique yoga gifts out into the world, or simply to give yourself some me-time to self-care.

And then use all your skills to educate others to do the same!

A thoughtfully created yoga therapy training will help you to discover your authentic gifts within you, the therapist you want to become. You get to deepen your experience and understanding of practices you’ve learnt that have meaning for you, and to explore new terrain in the safe hands of professional and encouraging educators.

Some aspects you will take to like a duck to water and other aspects are what we like to call 'growing edges' - where you feel a bit more like a fish out of water. These are places where you feel things are not sticking or less clear and we all have them regardless of how long we have been practicing and teaching. We have filters that protect us from overwhelm, barriers to impressions that bounce off what is not resonating.


Oh and one more thing

It’s OK not to know everything. If we knew it all, there would be no room for new learning and we wouldn’t need to put in the commitment!

So, you absolutely do not have to know everything in advance, neither to you need to be able to balance on your thumbs or order your tea in Sanskrit – you just have to turn up and be authentically and unapologetically yourself!

We hope to support you in finding the right fit

Our 60 hour foundation course allows you to dip your toe in the water before you dive into the full commitment of a 550+hr training. You will learn concepts, directly experience yourself in embodied learning, subtle anatomy, philosophy into action, cover some common conditions and meet the tutors.

We have guest modules with the published expert yoga therapy educators from around the world.

We also run a children’s track for those who specifically wish to work with children with special needs.

Next Steps 

Together we can spread yoga and yoga therapy out into our communities like a virus and infect the world with a renewed shift towards acceptance and healing.

Guidance comes from inside as well as from experts in their fields. Let’s celebrate the power of yoga therapy together and take education into action now - contact us

Contact Our Course Director directly and in confidence by email