Yoga Therapy Training with Yoga United Education

Yoga Therapy Training with Yoga United Education

Education’s Yoga Therapy Training

Our mission is to support people who love learning, growing, asking questions and connecting, and who wish to become powerful agents for change in the world through the path of yoga therapy.

Invest in your own growth, potential, community & the future of this planet

“Your own body is the most reliable source of wisdom…

all sensations are pregnant with the embryos of answers waiting for us”  Elissa Cobb


Through deep enquiry, listening skillsmeditation, inspirational teachings, and practice, you will learn skills to connect you directly to your own wisdom and remind you of what you already know, to directly experience the ancient yoga philosophy in action moving through you and your lifeThrough this transformative process of awakening, you can model and share these profound practices with fellow human beings.

This way of being starts with you!

Through this respectful and heartfelt process, and backed up by modern scientific findings, this trainingwill enable you to gain the skills and knowledge to holdspace for others as they actively engage in their own healing process towards health, healing and wellbeing, and in gaining greater independence, joy and meaning in their lives.


“The purpose of yoga therapy is to lead us to the True Self... I don’t treat conditions. I am not a doctor nor do I have a physical therapy license. I treat the delusion of not knowing your Self and how to find your way past pain and suffering. I guide you, not treat you” Mukunda Stiles



This training is practical and eclectic more than academic and dogmaticA blend of in person, livestreamed on zoom and non-contact learning isdelivered by a team of internationally-acclaimed yoga therapistspublished authors and educators who bring diverse and inspirational training based on their passion, years of experience and encyclopedic knowledge. This is a special training showcasing successful approaches to yoga therapy. You are encouraged to explore different methods as aspringboard, to gather in all your own gifts, new learning, personal practice and ongoing session work to create your own unique style of yoga therapy  Your style will evolve based on what you believe and know to be true, practices that you trust and believe in…because you’ve seen the alchemy happen.