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A warm welcome to Yoga United Education! Our yoga therapy training and courses are now back in person and online. Enrol now to start your journey towards becoming a fully-qualified yoga facilitator.

Yoga United Education has a line-up of ground-breaking yoga workshops, yoga courses and our yoga therapy foundation course and diploma training in the UK for both personal and professional development. Our yoga training consists of a 550 hour diploma based in London, with some content online, and is now fully accredited by the BCYT. We also offer free tasters in chair yoga and yoga therapy.

The truth is you already have everything you need to lead the life you want. You don't have to do it alone - there is guidance here with experts in their fields.

Yoga United Education's intention is to offer a safe and inclusive space in which to share knowledge, experience, insight, and practices that support the learning process. We keep group sizes small to ensure everyone can engage in deep learning with tutours and peers. We welcome your feedback and continue to strive to be the best yoga therapy training UK provider.

Embark on your yoga training now with Yoga United Education

Our mission is to support people who love learning, growing and connecting. Through enquiry, curiosity, knowledge, experience and imagination, we can become powerful agents for change - in ourselves, our communities and the wider domain. Our yoga training and yoga courses will help you get there

If you’ve searched online for ‘yoga therapy training UK’ look no further than Yoga United. With our in-depth education packages, you’ll be teaching your own yoga workshops in no time!