Yoga Therapy for Insomnia

A Weekend of Studying & Snoozing - for the over-tired, fatigued, exhausted and curious - for self care, and care of others. Includes experiential learning with presentations on scientific perspectives, philosophy and psychology.

Yoga Therapy for Insomnia: A Weekend of Studying & Snoozing

Dates:  Sat 4 - Sun 5 July  
The Arc Centre 10.30-5.30pm

To provide an experiential and structured course on the applications of yoga therapy for those suffering from insomnia - for self care and the care of others.

It is estimated around a third of the UK population suffer from sleeplessness. Aimed at the over-tired, fatigued, exhausted, menopausal or simply curious, this weekend of studying and snoozing includes experiential practices to explore conditions for restful sleep and creative practices for when sleep is elusive.

A scientific framework investigates why we need sleep, what happens when we don’t get it, rhythms, brain states and the nervous system. We will cover philosophy and psychology of a disturbed mind with bed time stories, and lullaby nidras.

Hopefully the presentations will not send you to sleep but there will be plenty of practices such as pranayama, restorative postures, and sleepy nidras where you might find yourself snoozing. Sleep journal preparation & take home recorded practices will support continued practice.

Yoga United Education aims to create a safe inclusive space to share, be seen and heard using trauma informed based practice.

Judy compiled a set of practices she developed for herself during times of sleep deprivation and overwhelm. She has continued learning and researching the subject to create this BWY quality assured module.

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