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Yoga United Education

We are delighted to present you with Yoga United Education and the new line-up of ground-breaking 'new school' courses in the UK.

We are here to offer informative and transformative student-centred training courses, created in the spirit of yoga. Our mission is to support people who love learning, growing and connecting, and who wish to create more love and peace in the world - through education, drawing out and developing potential, we can build communities and togetherness.

The truth is you already have everything you need to lead the most extraordinary life. We are dedicated to personal development and professional training programmes in the field of yoga and related practices to include all bodies and minds.

By keeping groups small, we ensure that everyone is included in deep learning with tutors and peers. We care about your personal development during and after your training. Through empathy, curiosity, knowledge, experience and imagination in our inner wise domain, we can become powerful agents for change - in ourselves, our communities and the wider domain.

A warm welcome to Yoga United Education!

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Minimal Price: £25.00