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We are delighted to present you with Yoga United Education and the new line-up of ground-breaking 'new school' courses in the UK.

We are here to offer informative and transformative student-centred training courses, created in the spirit of yoga. Our mission is to support people who love learning, growing and connecting, and who wish to create more love and peace in the world - through education, drawing out and developing potential, we can build communities and togetherness.

The truth is you already have everything you need to lead the most extraordinary life. We are dedicated to personal development and professional training programmes in the field of yoga and related practices to include all bodies and minds.

By keeping groups small, we ensure that everyone is included in deep learning with tutors and peers. We care about your personal development during and after your training. Through empathy, curiosity, knowledge, experience and imagination in our inner wise domain, we can become powerful agents for change - in ourselves, our communities and the wider domain.

A warm welcome to Yoga United Education!


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  1. Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy
    Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Level 2 (4 days)

    In Phoenix Rising Essentials, you will be introduced to the Phoenix Rising Method, learn to skillfully guide others to align the wisdom of their body and mind in an individualized direct experience.

    Internationally-acclaimed educator, yoga therapist and founder of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Michael Lee is making a special visit to join Yoga United to offer a 4 day yoga therapy module for yoga practitioners, yoga teachers and therapists interested in 'life-changing' action.

    Discover how to be a catalyst for powerful change through this research-backed, body-centered approach to clear insight and life-changing action.

    Sept 30-Oct 3 2021

    At: The Arc Centre, 98b St Paul St, London N1 7DF (nearest stations: Angel underground, Essex Road Overground)


  2. Chair Yoga for Mature Movers
    Chair Yoga for Mature Movers

    This workshop with Richard Kravetz will provide you with new skills and creative ways to guide the elderly to move safely, find support and feel included in yoga classes.
    So useful with your own mature family members, in elderly care settings and specialised yoga classes.

    NEXT DATE: Sat 20 June 2020 -POSTPONED but looking into LIVE ONLINE...we will update you soon.

    Venue: The Arc Centre, 98b St Paul Street, London, N1 7DF (near Essex Road Overground, Angel tube on the Northern line)

  3. Jess Glenny hypermobile
    Mentoring for yoga teachers
    POSTPONED UNTIL AUTUMN - date coming soon The Yoga Teacher Mentor workshop with author of the book, Jess Glenny. Where are you in your teaching journey? Setting your compass and looking at intentions for development.
  4. Judy Hirsh Sampath Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist London
    Yoga Therapy Taster Day

    Yoga Therapy Taster Day - Exprience the difference between yoga teaching & yoga therapy.

    This event has been postponed. If you are keen to join our yoga therapy training which starts in September, speak to Judy Hirsh Sampath, Course Director - CONTACT US

    Are you over-worked, over-stretched or over-tired? A day of yoga therapy can help!

    Yoga Therapy is growing in reputation as a scientifically effective method for healing. If you are over-worked, over-whelmed, over-tired, over-stretched and ready to give yourself a break, join yoga therapist, Judy Hirsh Sampath to learn essential ways to continue your yoga journey. You don't need to be a yoga teacher to enjoy the fruits of yoga therapy practice.

    You will have the chance to observe a demonstration of a yoga therapy session.

    If you are a teacher, health professional or health seeker, this day offers experiences to self care for the soul and feel the power of yoga therapy practices.

    Saturday 6 June 2020 10am-4pm, Old Street, London N1 10am-4pm POSTPONED.

    An accumulation of everyday stresses and life events can create aches and pains in the body, and disturbances in the mind.

    So why not give yourself a break and allow the body, mind and nervous system to rest in a timeless bubble of repair.

    Chocolate Studios, 7 Shepherdess Place, Old Street London, N1 (nearest tubes: Old Street, Angel)

  5. Jess Glenny hypermobile
    Hypermobility on the Yoga Mat

    A day of information, sharing, & experiential learning, with leader in the field Jess Glenny. This workshop is designed for yoga teachers / therapists (both hypermobile and not), and also for hypermobile yoga practitioners. You are required to complete and return a participants' form with health questions on booking.

    Date: To Be Arranged

    Location: North London


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