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Judy Hirsh Sampath - Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapist, Course Director

Judy Hirsh

“Yoga is not a luxury but an essential tool for a better lifestyle. It is not about how you look on the mat but how you live in the world” Judy Hirsh 

JUDY HIRSH SAMPATH Founder of Yoga Headspace, and co-founder of Yoga United, Judy brings a creative mix of yoga-based practices to engage health seekers of all ages, sizes and abilities to tune into their own head space and inner wisdom. 

Judy believes that yoga and yoga therapy can have positive effects on how we view our own reality. ‘All the knowledge we need is buried deep inside our body and we can simply learn how to access our own wisdom to restore our health, heal ourselves, and invite creativty and flow in our lives’ 

She does not prescribe one ‘style’ of yoga, prefering to start with the body as an entry point to a deeper understanding of self, relationships and life. She has found ways to unlock the bodies' natural intelligence, which has helped her to live a healthier, richer and more joyful life in tune with who she is and her own truth.

She teaches open classes, the BWY foundation course, restorative & embodied mindfulness workshops, retreats and holidays. She takes yoga, meditation and yoga therapy into health spas, offices, school, mental health and fertility settings, and 1-2-1 with clients in north London.

Go to Judy's website - www.yogaheadspace.co.uk

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Monday Evening Class

Next Term Dates: 17 Sept-10 Dec (no class 22 October)
Weekly Yoga, Breathing and Relaxation classes - more
Yoga, Breathing and Relaxation classes. Drop ins welcome!
The Garden Room,
Muswell Hill Methodist Church,
Muswell Hill,
London N10 1PP



Yoga Therapy Module 1 - The Foundations

Tuning into the Body


Do you want to be free from thoughts that hold you back? Are you interested in finding clarity and insight, diving into the body’s wisdom to become your own expert and wise guide, so you can empower others to do the same? 

Not only for yoga teachers, this course is for anybody who is interested in diving into the body to re-discover the hidden treasure buried deep inside. Completes with a BWY Module certificate. For personal development and/or a pre-requisite for the professional Yoga Therapy training  (see below)


Autumn Module: 14-16 Sept | 21-23 Sept | 6-7 Oct

Cambridge Course runs Jul/Sept - contact CAMYOGA for full details

Autumn 2018

8 days

10am -6pm

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The School of Capoeira, Unit 1-2 Leeds Place, Tollington Park, London N4 3RF

5 minutes from Finsbury Park Station

Mindfulness & Meditation Group

A regular small group meeting explore the internal landscape of the body & mind. Share your experiences and questions. Take home some simple and effective practices to support your daily life - bi-monthly meetings
Next dates: 2019 - please email if you wish to join



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Muswell Hill Methodist Church,
Muswell Hill,
London N10 1PP

Yoga Enrichment Days 

Deepen your yoga practice and knowledge - for people who ask deep questions about life! For yoga practitioners, teachers & therapists
Explore, embody and discuss yoga themes for personal enrichment and share delicious pure vegetarian Indian supper (optional).
In the spacious and light garden room and private gardens (weather permitting)

Next dates: 2019 please email if you wish to join



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the Garden Room & garden
Muswell Hill Methodist Church,
Muswell Hill,
London N10 1PP

Yin, Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra Workshops

Sunday afternoon relax & restore workshops take stress off the body and settle the mind.

Improve your health and your relationships by counter-balancing stress in your life.

2 hours of supported postures to soothe the nerves, relax the mind and release tension from the body. Be in your breath and out of your mind.

Next dates: please email if you wish to join



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The Laboratory Spa & Health Club, Muswell Hill


The OM Yoga Show, London

A chance to experience open classes with Judy Hirsh Sampath, the Yoga United education faculty, yoga holiday teachers.

Buy yoga united products at special yoga show prices, find out more about our trainings and holidays.

Check the OM Yoga Show website for full details

19-21 Oct   Alexandra Palace, north London

Yoga Therapy Professional Training 550hrs

The Wise Domain - Sensitive & Intuitive Approach

Following successful completion of Module 1 (60hrs), this training will enable you to gain the skills and knowledge to empower 'health seekers' to be actively engaged in their own health and wellbeing, and in gaining greater independence, joy and meaning in their lives.

18 months training with special guest modules

UMA DINSMORE TULI (Yoni Shakti, Total Yoga Nidra)

MICHAEL LEE (Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy)

Nov 18 - Apr 2020


The School of Capoeira, Unit 1-2 Leeds Place, Tollington Park, London N4 3RF

5 minutes from Finsbury Park Station

INDIA 2019

Make Room for Me Retreat - Winter Sun Yoga Holiday with Judy Hirsh Sampath

Dates for your diary - Fri 1 Feb – Sat 9 Feb 2019

Join Judy in India - this retreat invites you to step away from everyday life and find space for your Self. Delve into your yoga & meditation practices, dive into the sea, welcome the sun, connect with local culture, and leave your guide book at home for a joyful and enriching experience.

Yoga United holidays

add ons

Kerala & Tamil Nadu, South India 

1-2-1s & Yoga Therapy

Unlike a group setting, working 1-2-1 is opportunity for personalised movement, and a space in which to explore what's happening in your body and your life. 

If you are noticing sensations or stress in your body that are affecting your life, it may be that your body is trying to tell you something. With Judy's support, you can listen to your body’s intelligence before your analytical mind takes over. Remember that your body has been witness to every event in your life and holds your whole history, personality and truth.

Curious about something happening in your body or your life?

Life is OK but it could be better?

Avoiding some difficult emotions?

Stuck physically, mentally or creatively?


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North London