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Create your sacred meditation space with our ethically produced collection of sumptuous meditation cushions at Yoga United.


The perfect addition to your meditation practice, the Yoga United collection of comfortable zafus, zabutons and other meditation cushions will help you to relax deeper into your practice.

There are two main types of meditation cushion:

Zafucushions tend to be smaller and thicker and are designed to elevate your hips, allowing your pelvis to lean forward and your spine to keep its natural curve.

Zabutoncushions are generally bigger than Zafus but much thinner. They provide added support and comfort to the knees. Many people like to use both cushions together by placing a Zabuton underneath their Zafu for added comfort and support.

Yoga United is a top meditation cushions UK provider. We offer high-quality yoga cushions in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours, perfect for bringing to a group meditation or your own practice. Shop our full range to find one that suits your practice.

Find your perfect Meditation Cushions at Yoga United | Zafus, Zabutons, Bolsters. Nidra Mats, and More

When it comes to yoga cushions, getting the right one for your needs is important. With a meditation cushion as your friend, you can expand your yoga horizons and feel encouraged to practise every day.

No matter your preference,Yoga United has got you covered. As a leading provider of yoga meditation cushions UK, you’ll find everything you need and more here.