CPD workshop - Menopause: hot flushes, sleeplessness & Inspiration

Code Menopause: hot flushes, night sweats and sleeplessness
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Code Menopause: hot flushes, night sweats and sleeplessness

New date coming soon - Live on zoom 

Do you get hot thinking about hot flushes, hot flashes, night sweats, sleeplessness, overtiredness and overwhelm? This Approved Professional Development workshop (IAYT) and CPD day (BWY) offers yoga therapists and teachers a refreshing perspective and many ideas for practical support for anyone curious about the menopause and those who are going through the fire.

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  • Description

    New date coming soon

    CPD workshop for yoga practitioners, teachers, therapists & circle facilitators (approved by BWY).

    with Judy Hirsh Sampath

    Do you get hot under the collar and other places thinking about hot flushes, not sure if they're flushes or flashes, receive regular visiting night sweats that wake you up, feels impossible to get a good night's sleep and now you're overtired, overwhelmed and oversensitive? Welcome to the fire, feel the burn! 

    A refreshing dip in a cooling space to share perspectives, find profound insights and deeper learning on the applications of yoga and philosophy practices for those suffering from hot flushes and sleep deprivation - for self care and the care of others 1-2-1 or in small groups This workshop is quality assured and approved by IAYT (Intl Assoc of Yoga Therapists) for yoga therapists, and quality-assured CPD Day (BWY) for yoga practitioners and teachers.

    We will engage the body, mind and soul in enquiry, using movement, mindfulness and meditation practice a cooling restorative practice, devise personal affirmation, mantras to take home, and take away practices to navigate this major life transition.

    Aimed at facilitators who are working with students and clients suffering from menoapausal hot flushes, are troubled by the ageing process, and the over-tired, fatigued, exhausted, and confused. With some studying and guided snoozing practices to replay during hte night, we explore how to change your relationship with menopause and insomnia, and offer creative practices for when sleep is elusive.

    We will cover a little science, a blast of philosophy and enlightening psychology of a disturbed mind.

    Judy compiled a set of practices she developed for herself during times of sleep deprivation and overwhelm due to menopause. She has continued learning and researching the subject to create this quality assured workshop.

    Intentions for the day

    Explain terms and definitions

    Connect through shared experience, being seen, heard & witnessed

    Gain an understanding of kriya yoga and how it relates to hot flashes

    Engage in direct experiences of helpful practices through the lens of yoga therapy

    Understand the transitional and transformational process

    Explore any insights and their meaning - Stepping into a new you

    Cooling restorative practice with recording for future use

    Take away resources – personalised affirmations & mantras


    10-12.30am  Introductions & definitions

    Discussion - Over tiredness and overwhelm - Physical, mental and emotional disturbances

    Practices – pranayama & breathwork

    Sweats, flushes & flashes - kriya yoga, burning inspiration

    12.30-1.30 Lunch

    1.30-4pm Yoga therapy & “the change” as evolutionary transformation

    Yoga therapy & Phoenix Rising

    The night owl energy

    Cooling Restorative practice with recording for future use

    Insight - Who are you now

    Action - Where will you fly

    Integration – resourceful takeaways

    About the Tutor

    Founder of Yoga Headspace, and co-founder of Yoga United and Yoga United Education, Judy’s practical and soulful yoga therapy courses and 1-2-1 sessions are based on many years of direct experience, professional learning and research.

    As well as psycho-educational tools, she engages the physical body as an entry point to a deeper understanding of Self, truth and trust. Unlocking the bodies’ natural intelligence opens up a deeply compassionate healing space and a treasure chest of personal gems with which to meet the pain of stress, grief, emotional & mental disturbances - as well as tapping into creativity, clarity and wisdom. She brings a creative mix of movement, meditation, yoga philosophy and psychology to educate people of all ages, sizes and abilities to tune into their own capacity for self-healing, self-care and communal care.

    She takes yoga, meditation, embodied mindfulness, restorative yoga, yoga nidra and yoga therapy into health spas, offices, schools, mental health & fertility settings. She runs professional training, short courses and retreats in UK and India.

    Yoga therapist and Director of Yoga United Education’s professional diploma in yoga therapy, Judy Hirsh Sampath's soulful, optimistic and trauma-sensitive approach is based on her own experiences, research & sharing experiences with peri-menopausal and post-menopausal friends.

    Pre-course preparation - Keep a diary and count of day and night hot flushes/night sweats

    For yoga practitioners, yoga teachers (BWY approved CPD) & yoga therapists (IAYT approved APD)

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