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Code brick-cork-2

Classic natural cork yoga bricks for extra height, extension and support for either yoga or Pilates.

2 x Natural Cork Yoga Brick


  • Description

    If you are looking to buy more than one cork yoga brick then this could be just the deal you were looking for. Buy a pack of two classic cork yoga bricks and save money.

    Cork is an environmentally sound material. It's strong and non slip so it won't distort under your body-weight or cause damage to floors or your toes. Cork is non-allergenic, anti-fungal, antibacterial and anti-static. This eco-friendly product is a highly renewable, biodegradable and a recyclable resource. It's a safe alternative to the traditional wooden or foam brick.

    Lightweight and easy to carry, bricks help to provide extra height and support in poses such as supported bridge, half moon (Ardha Chandrasana) and Trikonasana. They can also be used for height, extension, support, and various restorative poses for supporting a bolster, opening the chest, raising elbows, legs etc...

    This natural cork yoga brick has rounded edges and corners to provide additional comfort and an easier hand grip.

    • Lightweight and durable.
    • Environmentally sound material.
    • Strong and robust.
    • Ideal for all types of yoga or Pilates classes.
    • Rounded edges and corners.
    • Provides excellent support.
    • Comfortable.
    • Easy to grip and hold.
    • Non slip.
    • Wipe clean with a damp cloth.
    • Size: 75mm x 120mm x 227mm 
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