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Yoga Relaxation Aids are useful to help guide you to a restful place. They come in many forms such as relaxing music, soothing essential oils, warm blankets, comfortable props or fragrant incense.

Relaxation yoga can be such an effective stress reliever and can help benefit your mind, body and spirit.

Choose from our selection of yoga relaxation products to help you unwind and feel the weight of life’s challenges lifting away. Relaxation yoga is best with Yoga united. Shop now.

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Our yoga relaxation aids make the perfect companion to your yoga sessions. Whether you’re going to a class, a yoga event, or even a yoga retreat, our aids will bring you the added Zen and serenity you need to relax deeper into your poses. Whether it’s a bolster, a blanket, an eye pillow, an incense stick, or a relaxation CD, our products will enhance your relaxation yoga sessions. Be content in the present moment and simply LET GO!

Yoga United’s products are made in partnership with our Indian company, Yogamalai. We are committed to fair trade principles and provide living wages for all our Yogamalai staff who hand make the aids we sell for relaxation yoga.