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Sleep Well with Total Yoga Nidra

Sleep Well with Total Yoga Nidra - Uma Dinsmore Tuli and Nirlipta Tuli

Online course - for those suffering from insomnia. Gain a deeper understanding of how sleep works and of how to sleep well

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Online Training
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On purchase, you will receive a link to gain ongoing access to this. Here you can interact with the course materials online, or you can download them to study offline if you prefer. As your access never expires you will also benefit from all future course revisions and improvements.

This online training is the culmination of Nirlipta's personal experience in the field of sleep: as a yoga nidra teacher, as a hypnotherapist, and as an ex-insomniac who cured his own condition using a synthesis of these techniques.

The aim of this course is to provide those suffering from insomnia with an understanding of how sleep works and of how to sleep well, as well as the basics they need to apply the practice of yoga nidra therapeutically to their condition. It is open to anyone with an interest in applying yoga nidra therapeutically to insomnia, and it assumes no prior knowledge of yoga or experience in yoga nidra practice.

The course is divided into six sections, each exploring an aspect of sleep and the therapeutic applications of yoga nidra in relation to that aspect. The sections are:

  1. Introducing Yoga Nidra
  2. Patterns of Sleep & Wakefulness
  3. The Mechanics of Sleep
  4. Sleep Hygiene
  5. Using Being Awake
  6. Lucid Dreaming

Each section contains:

  • Written content exploring that aspect of the course
  • One or more audio recordings of a yoga nidra practice(s) pertinent to that aspect
  • Investigations for you to do into your own sleep habits, along with enquiries for you to reflect upon
  • Links to relevant online articles and suggestions for further reading, should you wish to deepen your knowledge of that aspect of the course

In addition, section two contains an audio recording of the lecture, so you can either listen to or read the course (or both!), according to taste

Each section should take about one hour to work through, meaning the course as a whole should take around six hours for you to complete. In addition, two of the sections have a choice of practice, so taken as a whole the course material is eight hours in length.


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