SPEZIAL Classic Yoga Mat

Super grippy lightweight mat. Reasonably priced, sturdy and durable.

The SPEZIAL Classic Yoga mat may justifiably be called the 'mother of all mats'.  Reasonably priced and extremely durable it has been used for worldwide for over two decades for practically all styles. 

These mats provide a good grip, and a great sense of grounding for your standing poses.  They are sturdy yet light, and can be easily rolled or folded and stored away.

  • 1.10 KG
  • High grade PVC
  • Incredibly stable & safe on joints
  • Super dense & amazing grip
  • Non-slip.
  • Deluxe quality
  • Extremely durable.
  • Light weight
  • Size:  2.9mm thick x 60cm wide x 185cm length.
  • Made in Germany

Machine Washable:

Wash your yoga mat at 40° or less, using a very gentle wash and the slowest spin.  Use only a minimal amount of soap to prevent a coating forming on the mat, and allow plenty of time to drip dry.  


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