Virtual Yoga Classes with Judy Hirsh Sampath

LIVE STREAMING to your home!

From 23 March 2020, I will be live streaming yoga, breathing, relaxation, mindfulness, restorative, yoga nidra...

The good news is will be more widely available, not just those in Muswell Hill so please spread the word!

Cost for virtual classes: you can join for FREE right now. Donations are welcome: If you'd like to pay something for your class,

Or if that doesn't work – see the paypal link and use the arrow to dropdown and choose amount you wish to pay.

Follow any of the links below to join. You will be taken to a virtual waiting room until the class starts.

You will be on MUTE on entry and you can choose to keep your camera off so nobody can see you.

I can help you if you get stuck but once the class has started, it may be hard to see you. Try it out and let me know what happens.

Recorded classes are not available until I am clearer on my insurance and how this works.


      • Mondays 8.30-9.45 am Yoga, Mindfulness, Breathing & Relaxation
      • Mondays 7.30-8.45 pm Yoga, Mindfulness, Breathing & Relaxation
      • Wednesdays 4-4.30pm Stop what you're doing 30 minute Restorative Break

Other times TBC – let me know what you need...

Classes are open to all levels, ages, sizes, and abilities – it's your yoga!  The emphasis of these classes is to let go of your day, feel good in your body, and prepare for a good nights' sleep.

We will be doing yoga poses, breathing techniques, deep relaxation with some mindfulness & meditation to deepen the practice.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Before you join any of my classes,  please take the time to ensure you are practising in a safe environment with plenty of clear space around you. You know your body best and are therefore responsible for ensuring that you look after yourself by adapting and modifying postures according to your range of movement, and stop any practices that make you feel unwell physically, mentally or emotionally.  I will not be able to see you or guide you stay as present as possible and follow your inner teacher.

Please be aware that you practice yoga by livestreaming or video at your own risk and Judy Hirsh Sampath cannot be liable.  If you have any concerns before or after, please feel free to contact Judy by email or  phone: 07956 375607


Lets support each other in finding ways to continue practicing yoga together, and other community support that may be offered. I offer you a rainbow of hope for future connection in this time of global vulnerability.We will resume classes as soon as it's safe enough to meet in person at:

When & Where? IN YOUR OWN HOME for now

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