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Shop Yoga United’s range of wholesale yoga kit bags and yoga mat bags. Ideal for students whether they have a single mat or full restorative kit to carry to class. Our wholesale options let you provide quality handmade bags for the whole class while paying less than full price.

Yoga United has been selling high-quality yoga mat bags and kit bags since 2002, using them ourselves and listening to feedback from yoga students and teachers to help us refine our designs. Each yoga mat bag is made in partnership with our Indian company, Yogamalai. We are committed to fair trade principles and provide living wages for all our Yogamalai staff who hand make the yoga mat bags and yoga kit bags we supply.

Our wholesale yoga mat bags and wholesale yoga kit bags are available to purchase in packs of 5 or 10, making them ideal for teachers with smaller classes or larger groups. Our bulk options are great for teachers, resellers, and anyone needing yoga products in bulk. Shop our range now.

Discover our wholesale yoga kit bags and yoga mat bags.

Whatever your yoga practice and however much kit you carry to yoga class, we have a variety of colours, styles and patterns for you to choose from. From simple yoga kit bags and mat bags, to water resistant yoga mat bags and large yoga mat bags to fit all of your props, including blocks and blankets. All of our mat bags also include an additional interior pocket for safely storing personal belongings.

Whether you are travelling to class, a yoga event or going on retreat, our small and large yoga bags provide a colourful, stylish and secure way of transporting your yoga equipment and accessories. Check out our wholesale options now.

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