High Density Yogamatters Yoga Brick - pack 10

A box of 10 yoga bricks in your choice of 3 colours. A classic high density foam yoga brick for extra height, extension and support.
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Yoga Brick High Density Pilates best value wholesale Ten x10
High Density Yogamatters Yoga Brick - pack 10

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    If you are looking to buy more than one yoga brick then this could be just the deal you were looking for. Buy a box of ten together and save money.

    These yoga bricks are made from hard high density EVA foam which make them lighter than the wooden equivalent but just as strong and stable. Our quality bricks have chamfered edges all around for maximum comfort and grip. Their dense quality means they are strong enough to support any yoga posture, yet soft enough to be comfortable.

    Lightweight and easy to carry, they provide extra height and support in poses such as supported bridge, half moon (Ardha Chandrasana) and Trikonasana. They can also be used for height, extension, support, and various restorative poses for supporting a bolster, opening the chest, raising elbows, legs etc...

    • Lightweight durable construction.
    • High density eco-friendly foam.
    • Strong and robust.
    • Ideal for yoga classes.
    • Easy to clean.
    • Beveled edges.
    • Provides excellent support.
    • Comfortable.
    • Size: 70mm x 110mm x 220mm
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