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2m Yoga Belt, Bar Buckle

A yoga belt is a perfect aid for helping you to extend and lengthen your reach safely and is a must for any yogi.

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Yoga belts or straps are a practical and versatile aid to your practice, and are used extensively in Iyengar yoga classes. Use them to help open tight shoulders and relieve the strain in your upper back in shoulder and chest openers, and for extending reach in hamstring stretches and forward bends. They can assist you to stretch safely into postures, and to hold legs and shoulders in place, helping you to build your confidence is a range of yoga postures.

Now in a range of bright colours to help you co-ordinate with your kit.

  • Lightweight durable construction.
  • 100% cotton webbing.
  • Metal sliding bar buckle.
  • Soft, strong and robust.
  • Ideal for any yoga or Pilates classes.
  • Hand made using fair trade principles, supporting families in India.
  • Comfortable.
  • Machine washable. Please note that occasionally the dyes used may not be 100% colourfast. We would advise hand-washing separately for the first wash.
  • Size: 2m long x 4cm wide (70" x 1.5") .... 6' long

Customer Reviews

Gentle to feel, but still effective Review by Ruth R
I have arthritis and have always found holding yoga straps a real challenge as they all seem rough and stiff to the touch. They just end up hurting my hands. This lovely yoga belt is soft and much gentler on my hands, but still does the job that you want it to. I have two and always take one to yoga classes so that I can actually work with belts when needed. Highly recommended. (Posted on 18/08/2016)
Excellent! Review by Toni
Feels soft but is very strong. Would recommend this one. (Posted on 21/04/2016)
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