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Relaxation Gift Pack Yoga Eye Pillow Essential Oil best value

Relaxation Gift Pack

Lie or sit down, put on the CD, choose your favourite scent and drift into deep relaxation.

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Elephant gift bag
Timeless Awareness - Guided Relaxation CD with Judy Hirsh
Yoga United Essential Oil - Relaxation blend

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Price as configured: £18.50


A great gift for anyone who is stressed out! In a beautiful decorative gift bag to keep everything you need in one place, this kit comprises:


Flaxseed & lavender eye pillow - choose your colour.

If you are looking for a good all-round eye pillow, then this is the product for you.

Filled with lavender and flaxseed it’s ideal to help you rest your eyes. Lavender is both relaxing to the senses and can help uplift your mood. The cotton cover is soft and cooling and is removable for washing. The pillow gently moulds to the contours of your face with a very light pressure, blocking out light, relieving tension and calming the muscles around the eyes.

Choose from our fabulous range of colours to help compliment your existing yoga kit. You may even consider purchasing more eye pillow covers so that you can have a range of options to suit your mood or requirements.

If you are looking to buy several you can buy packs of eye pillows – check our wholesale section for details and purchase.

  • Lavender and flaxseed filled.
  • 100% cotton covers.
  • Lightweight.
  • Comfortable.
  • Ideal for meditation or relaxing.
  • Hand made by Yogamalai using fair trade principles, supporting families in India.
  • Machine washable removable covers. Please note that occasionally the dyes used may not be 100% colourfast. We would advise hand-washing your eye pillow cover separately for the first wash.
  • Size: 27cm x 9cm


Pure essential oil - try rubbing some on your feet, wrists, or dab on your neck - not too close to your eyes! choose from one of the following oil blends - mix with a base oil for massage, warm in an oil burner or anoint your yoga mat or pillow.

Choose from our following range of blends:

RELAXING - (cedar wood, ylang ylang, patchouli, sweet orange) - Allow your tension to melt away with this soothing blend.

DE-STRESSING - (grapefruit, rosewood, patchouli) - Unwind your busy mind with this de-stressing blend.

WARMING - (ginger, frankincense, sweet orange) - Feel the romantic glow with this warming blend.

INSOMNIA - (lavender, mandarin, valerian) - For those nights when you need a little help to sleep.

EMPOWERING - (patchouli, peppermint, black pepper, ginger, sweet orange) - Prepare yourself for the challenges of daily life.


  • Ready to use pre-blended oil.
  • Hand blended.
  • Formulated from natural plant extracts.


Breathing & relaxation CD.

Be out of your mind - guided relaxation CD. Relax - slow down the body and the mind, and enter on an inward journey.  As we go deeper, we gradually realize that there is a backdrop behind our busy-ness, our problems and stress where we can find stillness - where there is a feeling of ourselves connected to something special, something infinitely spacious and peaceful.  When we feel this, things begin to change.

If we can find a little space and time in our lives to switch off from our ordinary thinking, we can redirect our minds and find this knowledge deep inside ourselves.

Customer Reviews

birthday present Review by Anita Macdonald
Bought as a birthday present for a close friend - she loves it! (Posted on 22/02/2019)
lovely gift Review by SueR
Purchased this for my yoga loving daughter as part of a birthday present. Arrived as expected. Quality as expected. She is happy with her gift. Thank you. (Posted on 03/09/2018)
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