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Choose the perfect yoga mat bag to carry your yoga kit to or from classes. Ideal yoga kit bags for students, whether you just have a mat or a full restorative yoga kit. Perfect yoga bags for teachers too, Yoga United large yoga bags work for carrying multiple props or for easy home storage.

Whether you are travelling to class, a yoga event or going on a retreat, our bags for yoga mats provide a colourful, stylish and secure way of transporting your yoga equipment and accessories.

All our yoga mat bags have an additional interior pocket for your personal belongings. Choose from simple bags for yoga mats to large yoga kit bags, which fit all your yoga props including blocks, and blankets, explore our range...

Looking to buy a yoga mat bag and yoga props? Shop Yoga United’s range for the best yoga mat bags UK offers.

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Cotton Rainbow Chakra Satchel Bag

Rainbow Satchel

This handy bag is a great size for carrying all the stuff that doesn't quite fit in your mat bag.Made from 100% cotton in a deep royal blue, the bag c...
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If you’re looking for the best yoga mat bags UK has to offer, you’re in the right place. 

Yoga United’s range of yoga bags and large yoga mat bags make the ideal companion. Whatever your yoga practice and however much kit you carry to yoga class, we have a variety of colours, styles and patterns. From our signature Indian elephant embroidered design, to our simplistically designed and ethical cotton yoga mat bags, to the luxurious gold patterned shakti mat bags choose your ideal mat bag size and style.

We have been designing and producing yoga bags since 2002, using them ourselves and listening to yoga student and teacher feedback to develop and refine our designs. Each bag is made in partnership with our Indian company, Yogamalai. We are committed to fair trade principles and provide living wages for all our Yogamalai staff who hand make the yoga mat bags and yoga kit bags we supply.

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