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Relaxation Aids

Relaxation aids are useful to help guide you to a restful place. They come in many forms such as relaxing music, soothing essential oils, warm blankets, comfortable props or fragrant incense.

Relaxing can be such an effective stress reliever and can help benefit your mind, body and spirit. Choose from our selection of relaxation products and begin to chill out and feel the weight of life’s challenges lifting away.

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  • Yoga Cushion Silky Cotton Meditation Savasana best buy

    Yoga United Cushion with blanket

    A versatile luxury handmade yoga cushion, perfect for meditation or restorative classes.
  • Yoga Eye Pillow Silk Luxury Savasana Meditation best buy

    Yoga United Luxury Eye Pillow

    Regular Price: £9.00

    Special Price £6.50

    Comfortable & soothing luxury silk / cotton lavender eye pillow, perfect for meditation, Savasana or just for relaxation.
  • Pure Essential Oil Blend best buy

    Yoga United Essential Oil

    Enhance your mood with our selection of hand blended essential oils (formulated from natural plant extracts). From the calming aroma of lavender to the stimulating fragrance of sweet orange, our essential oils ignite your senses and enliven your body.
Relaxation Aids

Minimal Price: £1.50