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Yoga Blocks, Bricks & Belts

Discover for yourself how a yoga block, brick or belt can enhance your practice by supporting, stabilising and aligning your body. Check out our range of lightweight, durable yoga accessories and revolutionise your practice today!

Yoga Blocks

Yoga blocks help you find the correct alignment in a range of poses, including sitting and standing. Use them to create support and stability, or just to line up your foundation. Strong, lightweight (high density) foam blocks in a range of colours, to help with sitting and modifying your postures. Give your blocks a new lease of life with our beautiful handmade yoga block cover, in vibrant colours, with traditional Indian style braid. Machine Washable.

Yoga Bricks

Hi-density foam yoga bricks. Lightweight and easy to carry, these yoga bricks provide extra height and support in poses such as supported bridge, half moon (Ardha Chandrasana) and Trikonasana.

Yoga Belts

Yoga belts or straps are a practical and versatile aid to your practice, and are used extensively in Iyengar yoga classes. Use them to help open tight shoulders and relieve the strain in your upper back in shoulder and chest openers, and for extending reach in hamstring stretches and forward bends. In a range of deep rich colours and with a traditional strong sliding buckle, to adjust the length.

Yoga Blocks, Bricks & Belts

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