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Yoga Bolsters & Eye Pillows

Yoga Bolsters

A yoga bolster is like a body pillow but firmer. Its main purpose is to create relaxation, help soften a posture, or aid in opening the body.

Because of their versatility yoga bolsters make thoughtful gifts for the yoga enthusiast in your life, an elderly relative or another friend or family member who just appreciates comfort. Giving the gift of comfort and support is the kind of gift that lasts for years to come.

Eye Pillows

Eye pillows can be used for relaxation or Savasana during yoga sessions to block out light, put a little pressure onto the front of the eyes and help send messages to the brain to relax both the body and mind. You can use fresh from the fridge to rest tired eyes and reduce puffiness or warm from the radiator to get that melting feeling!

Yoga Bolsters & Eye Pillows

Minimal Price: £6.00