Yoga Props

Yoga props & accessories allow you practice yoga safely so you can reach depths never reached before. Yoga bolsters, eye pillows, yoga blocks, bricks, belts or straps, blankets – lots of props to help you avoid forcing and injury.

Take the stress off your body, and out of your mind. Once you get used to using yoga props, the possibilities are endless - all our bodies are different and all of us need a little help to gain extra length for the spine, stability in a standing pose, support for sitting, gentle encouragement for hip openers, protection for back issues and ways to lengthen hamstrings.


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  1. Mystic Yoga Satya Incense Sticks
    Mystic Yoga Satya Incense Sticks
    Light a Satya Mystic Yoga Incense sticks and let your home become brighter and energised.
  2. Yoga Bolster Small Mini Round Cylindrical Meditation Restorative best buy
    As low as £16.50
    Yoga United Mini Bolster
    Mini bolsters for restorative poses - elbow, knee or spinal support for adults and children.
  3. Yoga Eye Pillow Silk Luxury Savasana Meditation best buy
    As low as £8.50
    Yoga United Luxury Eye Pillow
    Comfortable & soothing luxury silk / cotton lavender eye pillow, perfect for meditation, Savasana or just for relaxation.
  4. High Density Yoga Brick
    As low as £7.00
    High Density Yogamatters Yoga Brick
    A classic high density foam Yoga Brick for extra height, extension and support.
  5. 50cm Traditional Rainstick
    50cm Traditional Rainstick
    A traditional rainstick originating from the Atacama desert in Chile. Delight your sense of sight and sound - this percussion instrument can be a useful call to notice the flow of energy in the body, the vibration of sound to soothe the nervous system and general play for teachers, students and your inner child!
  6. Undyed Yoga Blanket
    As low as £20.00
    Undyed Yoga Blanket
    Our handmade undyed 100% cotton blanket with or without border are soft to the touch and folds tightly offering good support whilst holding their shape, the key to a good yoga blanket.

Items 7-12 of 21

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