What brought you here? 


  • How am I feeling, really and honestly?
  • How can I deal with dread, worry and stress?
  • How would I like to be with myself and those around me?
  • Is this experience changing me?
  • How am I feeling about 'getting back to normal'?
  • Do I want 'normal' again or is it time for things to be different?
  • Who is talking, who is listening?
  • Where can I get help in finding some wise answers?



Judy Hirsh Sampath says  "I am passionate about what I do and it hasn't always been that way!
I see so many people gain such profound insight, clarity, calm through these transformational processes.
It's important to me to share some helpful techniques with you in these traumatic times


When you feel resilient and calm, everybody around you benefits.

It is natural to feel exhausted, drained and short-tempered! It takes a lot of energy to hold yourself together, to hold your body tight for protection, to hold down emotions, to experience mood swings in all the turbulence.

You may have disturbing thoughts, worry about the future, pain in the body, tension headaches, interrupted sleep or little sleep at all.

Even reading the above words may spark some feelings of stress in your body!


The good news is that there are simple ways to look after yourself, your physical and mental wellbeing.

We know from history, evolution & neuroscience that human beings are adaptable, resilient, and have found creative ways to survive, transform and thrive under stress.

You already have coping resources hard-wired into your brain. 

The ancient wisdom of yoga provides tried and tested tools to cope with fear and suffering that have been used for centuries


  • Find an anchor in all the turbulence, anxiety and stress. 
  • Learn how to listen and celebrate the miracle of your body! 



If you need to calm down RIGHT NOW, make yourself comfortable - sitting on a comfortable chair or zafu or lying down with soft cushions, bolsters, blankets, an eye pillow or eye mask.

So, how was that breathing practice for you?



What you can do next

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    • BOOK NOW - Join an online course - available courses on insomnia, and life in flow

    • EMAIL JUDY - Buy a personalised guided relaxation audio designed specially for you or your loved one


Yoga United Education

Judy trains health professionals and yoga practitioners to become confident and effective yoga teachers and yoga therapists. She has over 20 years of experience in guiding people through stressful life events, grief, insomnia, fertility issues, anxiety & depression. Judy Hirsh Sampath, founder of Yoga United, has 20 years’ experience of guiding people with back pain, grief, insomnia, anxiety & depression, and navigating challenging and traumatic life events.

She is the course director of Yoga United Yoga Therapy Professional training and is on the faculty of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, US.

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What kit you will need

For restorative and better sleep breaks, you can use cushions, bolsters, pillows, blankets, eye mask

For yoga class, you need a yoga mat as basic. You can add to your kit - blocks & strap, soft props like a yoga nidra mat, bolster, eye pillow, zafu...


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