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Code edu-yoga-therapy-550-professional
from £900.00

2024-25 diploma SOLD OUT

This unique practical  and in-depth training draws out your special talents and power. Gather in all your previous learning, life experience, combine with so many new practices and ideas, insights and teachings, create an authentic offering based on a process you create, know and trust.

In this deep training, you will learn how to guide those who are seeking lasting change to a regained sense of wellbeing, health and wholeness, through exploring the body and what it is holding, moving through the layers and into healing. You will become fluent in trauma sensitive therapeutic relationship - this sensitive and intuitive approach is backed up by evidence-based practices and science.

Start your yoga therapy training now - ask for prospectus and set up a discovery call with course director, Judy Hirsh Sampath


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  • Description

    Yoga United Education's Yoga Therapy Diploma - A Practical, Sensitive & Intuitive Approach

    2024-25 diploma SOLD OUT

    600 hour professional training with guest tutors

    Start your yoga therapy training now - ask for prospectus and set up a discovery call with course director, Judy Hirsh Sampath


    What is Yoga United Education Yoga Therapy (YUYT)?

    This unique practical course draws out your special talents, gathers in all previous learning, life experience, combined with so many new practices, insights and teachings, you can create an authentic offering based on a process you create, know and trust.

    In this deep training, you will learn how to guide those who are seeking lasting change to a regained sense of wellbeing, health and wholeness, through exploring the body and what it is holding, moving through the layers and into healing. You will become fluent in trauma sensitive therapeutic relationship - this sensitive and intuitive approach is backed up by evidence-based practices and science.

    Throughout this training, you will gain skills and knowledge on how to empower others to be experts in themselves, to gain more independence, joy and meaning in their lives - that's empowerment.

    You will inevitably enter into a deep transformational journey of your own as you enquire deeply, play and liberate your conditioned Self through your own practice. We are committed to holding space for this process and you will be supported by leaders, mentors and within a sangha.

    Special guest tutors are invited to inspire you as examples of how passion and specialisms create authenticity and impact.

    • Uma Dinsmore-Tuli - Yoga Therapy, Intuitive Awareness & Yoga Nidra
    • Sylviane Gianina - Yoga Sutras and Questions in Today's World
    • Alex Bauermeister - Trauma Sensitivity in Yoga Therapy
    • Tarik Dervish - Where Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy Meet
    • Various - yoga therapy demonstrations for observation of different ways of delivering yoga therapy
    • We will continue to add more inspirational leaders based on your feedback and current science, education and global change.

    More about our mission

    People often seek out professionals to fix, cure and find the answers which hands over responsibility for healing to another. 

    We believe that people who are seeking yoga therapy know their body and life better than anyone so a collaborative approach allows the health seeker to be supported in taking back their power, trusting their own wisdom and understanding their body's capacity to repair and heal on many levels - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

    This intuitive and sensitive approach meets, greets and respects the whole person with their individual perspectives and life experiences, and is supported by the yoga therapists knowledge of the subject to suggest practices that are evidence-based as well as individually created.

    This way of being starts with you so your first step is Module 1which introduces the subject and tutors on a foundational level for self study and applications in life. You can take this module for personal enrichment and/or to dip your toe into your yoga therapy journey and find out if it's a good fit before jumping into the commitment of an in-depth training.

    Modules 2-10 continue an ongoing process of self-reflection and self development running alongside the formal course learning. We are invested in you completing the assignments and case studies and you will be supported by the course leader, and a mentor. 

    Learning covers the BCYT (British Council of Yoga Therapy) accredited syllabus - you will explore experientially in embodied learning -  the body's systems and subtle anatomy, philosophy, meditation, common conditions and pain, and lots and lots of session structure and practice. There will also be time for researching your specialities, manifesting the business you want and developing your marketing material  - from finding clients and working within your unique style, to marketing and promotion so you can speak to the clients you wish to attract.

    Who can join this course? 

    Unlike most other courses, you do not have to have a 200 hour yoga teacher certificate to join this course, although you may wish to do this before, during or after your Yoga Therapy training. The majority of our students have a yoga teaching certificate, however, we know yoga is more than teaching asana and relaxation; skills you may already have to coach, empower, offer therapy in other modalities may be just as valid as a fouundation for this course.  

    As well as yoga teachers, applications are welcome from all professionals working in health and wellbeing settings who wish to add another dimension to their work and create exceptional outcomes for their clients, and who have a long and established relationship with yoga as a life support.  

    Before you sign up for the course, we offer a no-obligation discovery call with our course director so we can mutually explore whether our course is a good fit for you and you can ask any questions you may have.

    Yoga United Education will issue a qualification certificate for non-yoga teachers. Yoga teachers with a recognised 200 hour yoga teaching qualification will receive a certificate endorsed by the BCYT and the BWY, this will allow you to join the CNHC register as a Yoga Therapist and include yourself in the BWY yoga therapy index.

    Why train to be a yoga therapist with Yoga United Education?

    Invest in your own growth and potential, your community and the future of this planet. A practical course so you can deliver yoga therapy sessions 1-2-1 and in groups with confidence.

    Dip your toe in with module 1 to ensure its a good fit.

    Yoga Therapy is fast becoming a recognised and scientifically proven mind/body modality in guiding people to improved physical, mental, and emotional health. With over-stretched health services, high rates of absenteeism at work due to illness and dis-ease, and pharmaceutical quick fixes with long-term side effects, yoga therapy works alongside other therapies to deliver complementary approaches to holistic healing and wellness.

    With modules delivered by internationally acclaimed yoga therapists and educators, this special training brings together many successful approaches to yoga therapy in one training.

    We know students have different learning styles - we aim to be inclusive and diverse in meeting your learning needs to complete this course.  We have no exams so we are even more invested in knowing you personally, tracking your progress, checking learning and supporting you as best we can to complete this training successfully and receive your qualification.  If you have additional requirements that will support you in learning, please let us know when you apply to join the course.

    Definitions of yoga therapy we like at Yoga United Education

    "Yoga therapy is a transformational process:  of dropping through the layers of conditioning to recover a profound sense of relief, belief, belonging and healing far beyond the mind" Judy Hirsh Sampath

    “The purpose of yoga therapy is to lead us to the True Self. I don’t treat conditions. I am not a doctor nor do I have a physical therapy license. I treat the delusion of not knowing your Self and how to find your way past pain and suffering. I guide you, not treat you” Mukunda Stiles

     “Yoga therapy is the process of empowering individuals to progress towards improved health and wellbeing through the application of the teaching and practices of yoga” (IAYT definition of yoga therapy)

    A note from Judy, writer and course director

    “For this exciting training programme, I have gathered together many gems of therapeutic yoga practices and ways of being that I consider to be vital for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. With a team of passionate and engaging tutors, yoga therapists, and educators, our intention is to guide students, teachers, carers, and therapists to collect their own selection of resources to become a unique force in your field - gather many gems for your treasure chest. We are committed to and invested in you as much as you are in us”

    Tutors & Mentors - You will get to know your mentor through their teaching, in your mentor groups and have ongoing support throughout the training. You will always have the opportunity to talk through what’s happening with your course work and any difficulties getting in the way of you submitting assignments and doing practice sessions. 

    You will need to receive yoga therapy as a part of this training and we encourage you to continue to exchange sessions with peers and to seek yoga therapy as you continue on your own healing journey.

    What to do next?

    It is natural to have questions and Judy is available to talk through the course content and options with you. Email ph: 020 8361 1882

    Join our next module 1 to get the essentials, foundations and practices.  During Module 1, there will be an assignment for entrance onto the next level to becoming a yoga therapist, and a mentor call with Judy to discuss requirements, commitment and to answer any questions you have that will help you decide on your next step. A hard copy workbook will be sent to you and you will receive presentations and recordings online.


    Module 1 £649

    Modules 2-10  Full fees £5400

    Payment plans are available for the Module 1 training. 

    We invite applications from under-represented communities and those in financial hardship - please email for details

    You will need to buy books for required reading, and have suitable equipment for attending zoom meetings, video recording sessions, submitting assignments electronically and creating flyers.

    During your training, Yoga United trainees receive 15% off all products at

    There will be some optional extra study days, practical workshops, and online courses you can opt into to support you and your yoga business or if you miss hours. These are not included in the above fee.

    Course Structure:

    Following Module 1 in 2023, Modules 2-10 dates will follow in May 2024 over a period of 18 months.

    A mixture of in-person weekends in London, online live-streamed zoom days, and some evening live-streamed and recorded workshops to meet the required hours.

    Module 1 is open to all as a personal development course and a great introduction to our approach and our faculty. It is a stand-alone 50 hour course and a pre-requisite for the full training. On successful completion of Module 1, you will receive a distinguished certificate of completion from the British Wheel of Yoga which meets the highest standards for training, and a certificate from Yoga United Education.

    For the 550+  hour yoga therapy training, your achievement will be recognised with a celebrated certificate from Yoga United Education, and for yoga teachers, with the British Council for Yoga Therapy stamped certificate.

    Module outline and dates

    Module 1 – The Wise Domain: Tuning into the Body - 2023 

    Module 2  - Diving into the Flow - starts May  2024

    Module 3 – Non-contact - assignments

    Module 4 – Authorising your own power

    Module 5  – Non-contact Assignments  & marketing

    Module 6 – Spreading your Wings

    Module 7 – Non-contact Assignments

    Module 8 – Living your Truth

    Module 9 – Non-contact Final assessments

    Module 10 – The Wise Domain- finish assignments,  complete and celebrate


    All in person training days are in north London.

    There will be some livestreamed online training via Zoom and pre-recorded online coursework.

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    I feel my confidence is growing in your virtual hands. Still always lots to learn and I am really enjoying the course, respect the people involved in running the course and of course my fellow trainees are all so supportive, combining to make such an enriching experience.

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