Yoga United Yoga Therapy 550 hour professional training - Modules 2-10


You will need to complete Module 1 successfully to be accepted onto this training. You can take Module 1 in London and Cambridge in 2020. 

Module 2 onwards is scheduled to start in November 2020 . Please CONTACT US for a full prospectus with dates for 2020-2022 professional training.

Yoga United Yoga Therapy Training - The Wise Domain: A sensitive & Intuitive Approach

550 hour professional training

including special guest modules

  • Yoga Therapy & Intuitive Awareness with Uma Dinsmore Tuli
  • Yoga Therapy and Navigating Life Change, Michael Lee of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy visits the UK

What is Yoga United Yoga Therapy (YUYT)? 

This is a ground-breaking new professional training for people who wish to see change in the world, and create a successful career as a yoga therapist.

 People often seek out professionals to fix, cure and offer prescriptions. When health seekers are educated in taking back responsibility, the body has a miraculous capacity to heal itself. This intuitive and sensitive approach meets, greets and respects the whole person with their own perspectives and experiences.  Compassion, collaboration and great care are employed to coach and draw out the individual’s understanding, not to supply a prescription set by the therapist.

Through this training, you will gain skills and knowledge to empower others to take control of their own health and wellbeing, gain more independence, joy and meaning in their lives.

This way of being starts with you! Module 1 starts as a personal development course as well as professional development and pre-requisite for the full training. Reflection and self development are supported with a mentor for guidance in this ongoing process running alongside the learning. There will be time for planning your career, manifesting the business you want - from finding clients and working within a specialty, to marketing and promotion so you can speak to the clients you wish to attact.

Who can join this course? You do not have to be a yoga teacher to join this course. As well as  yoga teachers, applications are welcome from all professionals working in health settings who wish to add another dimension to their work and create exceptional outcomes for their clients.

Why train to be a yoga therapist with Yoga United Education? Invest in your own growth and potential, your community and the future of this planet.

Yoga Therapy is fast becoming a recognised and scientifically proven mind/body modality in guiding people to improved physical, mental, and emotional health. With over-stretched health services, high rates of absenteeism at work due to illness and dis-ease, and pharmaceutical quick fixes with long-term side effects, yoga therapy works alongside other therapies to deliver complementary approaches to holistic healing and wellness.

With modules delivered by internationally acclaimed yoga therapists and educators, this special training brings together many successful approaches to yoga therapy in one training.

Definitions of yoga therapy we like at YU Ed

“The purpose of yoga therapy is to lead us to the True Self. Once there, our bliss filled nature as the essence of love is experienced. I don’t treat conditions. I am not a doctor nor do I have a physical therapy license. I treat the delusion of not knowing your Self and how to find your way past pain and suffering. I guide you, not treat you” Mukunda Stiles

 “Yoga therapy is the process of empowering individuals to progress towards improved health and wellbeing through the application of the teaching and practices of yoga” (IAYT definition of yoga therapy)

A note from Judy Hirsh Sampath, Director of studies “For this exciting new training programme, I have gathered together a selection of therapeutic yoga practices and ways of being that I consider to be vital for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. With a team of powerfully engaging tutors, yoga therapists, and educators, our intention is to guide students, teachers, carers, and therapists to collect their own selection of resources to engage more fully in your relationships within your professional realm and personal life.”

GUEST MODULES – we are honoured to introduce our special guest teachers delivering two new modules on yoga therapy in support of Yoga United’s brand new yoga therapy course.

Tutors & Mentors - You will get to know your mentors through their teaching, in your mentor groups and have ongoing support throughout the training. You will always have the opportunity to talk through what’s happening in your own journey of becoming a yoga therapist, feedback on written assignments and assessments, and practice sessions with peers and clients.

 We actively support inclusivity and diversity in our trainings and are able to offer learning support for those who need it.

What to do next?

It is natural to have questions and Judy is available to talk through the course content and options with you. Email ph: 020 8361 1882

To Join Module 1, there is an application form – please do not be put off by this process as we intend to be as inclusive as possible. Its intention is to ensure the course meets your expectations and we are a good fit.

During Module 1, there will be an assignment for entrance onto the next level to becoming a yoga therapist. 


Module 1 £846

Modules 2-10 £4154

Bursaries are available for this training - please email for details


  • all contact modules
  • special guest modules with Uma Dinsmore Tuli, and Michael Lee
  • 10 hours x 1-2-1 with your mentor to support non-contact assignments


If your interest is mainly for working with children, you can choose the SPECIAL YOGA training

Special Yoga For Special Children in London with Jyoti Manuel

This training will be taken INSTEAD of the guest modules although you can pay to do them in addition.

You will be mentored by Jyoti (and possibly other faculty from Special Yoga)

You will need to buy books for required reading, and have suitable equipment for video recording sessions, submitting assignments electronically and creating flyers.

Yoga United trainees receive 20% off all products at

There will be some optional extra study days, practical workshops, and online courses you can opt into to support you and your yoga business. These are not included in the above fee.

Course Structure:

10 modules from November 2020-April 2022

310 contact hrs + 10 x 1:1 mentor sessions

240  non-contact hours including assignments, practice sessions & sadhana

Module 1 is open to all as a personal development course and a great introduction to our approach and our faculty. It is a stand-alone course and a pre-requisite for the full training. On successful completion, you will receive a distinguished module certificate of completion from the British Wheel of Yoga which meets the highest standards for training, and a certificate from Yoga United Education.

For the 550 yoga therapy training, your achievement will be recognised with a celebrated certificate from Yoga United Education.

Accreditation is in process with the British Council of Yoga Therapy

Module outline and dates

Module 1 – The Wise Domain: Tuning into the Body 

2020 SPRING MODULE - London - 7 &8 Mar | 28 & 29 Mar| 18 & 19 Apr| 2 & 3 May

2020 SPRING MODULE - Cambridge - 26, 27, 28, 29 Mar| 14, 15, 16, 17 May

2020 AUTUMN MODULE - London - Dates - TBC

Module 2  - 1 Diving into the Flow

Guest module with UMA DINSMORE TULI

You will receive a copy of ‘Total Yoga Nidra Online Foundation’ course in advance of this weekend

Module 3 – Non-contact - assignments

Module 4 – Authorising your own power

Module 5Non-contact Assignments  & marketing

Module 6  - Spreading your Wings

Module 7  Non-contact Assignments

Module 8 –Living your Truth


Nov-Dec Module 9 Non-contact Final assessments –

Module 10 The Wise Domain - finish assignments,  complete and celebrate



All training days will take place at:

The Arc Centre, 98b St Paul St, London N1 7DF (nearest stations: Highbury/Islington, Angel, Essex Road

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