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Yoga Therapy the Essentials,  introduction to yoga therapy image of a smiling student with a list of yamas and niyamas
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Through body-centered experiential learning, gain new skills to empower people seeking physical, mental and emotional health. This way of being starts with YOU!

This 50 hour course focuses on the foundations of yoga therapy and your own self care and professional development. Meet and greet your Self in readiness to inspire others on their healing journey.

This can be a stand-alone course for those interested in yoga as therapy for personal development, and is a pre-requisite to continue onto the 550 hour professional yoga therapy training.

  • ONLINE Module 1 2022 - Sat 25 Jun & Sun 26 Jun Sat 16 Jul & Sun 17 July | Sat 30 & Sun 31 July + at home day retreat and workbook enquiries
  • IN PERSON Module 1 2022 London - 29 & 30 Oct, 12 & 13 Nov (online), 10 & 11 Dec + at home day retreat and workbook enquiries

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  • Description

    Module 1 - The Essentials: Tuning into the Body

    BWY quality-assured module

    Through body-centered experiential learning, gain new skills to empower people seeking physical, mental and emotional health. This way of being starts with YOU!

    • ONLINE Module 1 2022 -  Sat 25 Jun & Sun 26 Jun Sat 16 Jul & Sun 17 July | Sat 30 July & Sun 31 July + at home day retreat and workbook enquiries
    • IN PERSON Module 1 2022 London - 29 & 30 Oct, 12 & 13 Nov (online), 10 & 11 Dec + at home day retreat and workbook enquiries

    If it's not appropriate to run the in person course due to Covid 19, we will transfer to live-streamed on zoom (this may mean we need to shorten days and add dates and extra online content)

    Primarily an introduction to yoga therapy for self care and to support personal practice, you will have the opportunity to try out new ways of being within a supported and inclusive environment, and improve inter-personal skills within your field of work, and your life. As well as yoga therapy, our tutors weave in experiential anatomy, body-mind centering, neuro-linguistic programming, Patanjali's philosophy of suffering & the yoga path, ayurvedic models to meet anxiety, anger and depression, back pain.

    We will explore multiple perspectives through which we can understand health, dis-ease and wholeness. You will learn new skills with this sensitive and intuitive approach to meet, greet and inspire others on their healing journey as well as yourself. 

    You may choose to take this course as a stand alone option to create an immediate impact on the therapy services you currently provide, or as the required 1st module of 10 in our 550 hour yoga therapy diploma in London.

    Module 1 The Wise Domain: Tuning into the Body is taught through the guidance of a highly qualified and experienced team of tutors. It is approved by the British Wheel of Yoga as a BWY 50 hour module.

    How This Course Benefits You

    • Learn skills and effective tools to guide others towards their full potential.
    • Engage in greater connection to meeting people with a loving presence
    • Cultivate a sustainable home practice including off the mat mindfulness-based awareness
    • Deepen your personal relationships, improve professional ones, and be unapologetically yourself
    • Gain a BWY certificate on completion of the course

    Topics Covered

    Topic 1 – Asana and embodied movement

    You will be guided through embodied mindfulness practices with movement, sequencing, stillness, and self-reflection to access a deeper awareness of body and mind processing.

    Topic 2 – Heart and lungs - experiential anatomy and practices

    You will explore different breathing techniques and their influence on the function of the respiratory system, focusing the mind, and changing mood. Heart and metta practices to support heart health and deeper self-compassion

    Topic 3 – Structure and function of the nervous system

    Understanding visceral responses to danger, safety, fear and joy. You will be guided through practices that recover homeostasis and wellbeing including restorative postures and Yoga Nidra.

    Topic 4 – Upper back, shoulder & neck stiffness

    Sequences to address stiffness & pain, connection to protection and vulnerability, mind and emotions. Meeting the ndividual needs -  preparation, physical benefits, contra-indications & energetic elements 

    Topic 5 – Ayurvedic perspectives on anxiety, anger and depression

    You will have a greater understanding of some common conditions: back pain, anxiety, anger & depression, heart issues -  to assist health seekers in communicating and understanding their own needs. Meeting and greeting special needs and difficulties are included.

    Topic 6 –  Prana & subtle anatomy

    The tutor will guide you through practices to tune into sensitivity of the energetic pathways through the body, proprioception, interoceptive processing, the senses. 

    Topic 7 – Philosophy, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and the mind

    The ancient theories of human nature, suffering and the mind, and that which stands in the way of discovery, recovery, and coming home.

    Topic 8 – Language, deep listening, silence, sound and song

    Techniques to nourish the body & mind. You will create a space in which to investigate body-centred dialogue and the power of words to engage in deep connection and empathy with self and others.


    London Venues

    In Person  - London 

     - contact for details.

    Course Fees If you choose to pay a deposit you will be required to pay the remaining balance prior to the course start date. 
    Full price for BWY members: £649 (£589 + £60 BWY registration) - £250 Non-refundable deposit required
    Full price for non-BWY members: £659 (includes £10 BWY guest membership) - £250 Non-refundable deposit required

    Important: After payment, you will be required to fill in an application form (emailed to you). Payments will be held until your application is accepted. 

    Payments will be fully refunded if the course is not suitable for the student. 

    What does my fee cover?

    • Full tuition
    • Workbook and handouts
    • Online course: 36 contact hours with the course director and guest tutors + 14 hours of guided non-contact study and journaling.
    • In person course: 42 contact hours with the course director and guest tutors + 8 plus hours of non-contact study and journaling.
    • All participants will be registered with BWY and receive a certificate (with 80% minimum attendance requirement) from both the BWY and Yoga United Education on competition of the course.
    • Completion certificates

     What does the £649 fee exclude?

    • Full BWY membership
    • Lunch
    • Parking / travel / accommodation
    • Extra tuition
    • 1-2-1 Yoga therapy sessions

    Please note: If you are not already a member of the BWY, there is an additional £10 payment required to cover guest membership of the BWY for the duration of the course.

    Course Certification

    Your success in completing the Yoga Therapy Module 1 Foundation Course will be celebrated with a distinguished certificate of participation from BWY, and a certificate of completion with Yoga United Education.

    Teaching Style

    The tutors facilitate students through body-centred experience which creates an unforgettably direct route to learning. Tutors ensure a safe space is created in which to share knowledge, experience profound insight, and practices that support the learning process.

    Tutors encourage students to cultivate a deeper understanding of sadhana, dharma, authenticity and joy.

    Course Director - Judy Hirsh Sampath

    Course Leader and co-founder of Yoga United, Judy Hirsh Sampath brings a creative mix of yoga-based practices to engage health seekers of all ages, sizes and abilities to tune into their own head space and insightful inner wisdom. Judy is dedicated to sharing the magic of this healing modality to ensure those who study with her become empowered, confident and successful professionals in their field. She has been supporting yoga students and therapy clients in self-healing since 2002 in groups, private practice, mental health, and fertility settings. She is qualified yoga teacher (BWY dip), IYN Elder. She is a certified yoga therapist with Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy (PRYT600), and Certified with International Association of Yoga Therapists (C-IAYT), and CNHC UK.

    Guest tutors bring extensive knowledge and experience in their fields and you will experience a variety of styles - we are all different and you are encouraged to be yourself too!

    This foundation course is NOT a qualification in yoga therapy. It acts as Module 1 of the 550 hour Yoga Therapy Professional Training which is scheduled to continue with further modules in 22-23. Completion of this module is a pre-requisite for the 550 hour course and counts as part of the hours.

    You will be introduced to our inspirational faculty of tutors who are dedicated to deep learning, playful exploration and empowering education.

    This inspirational course is also a powerful stand-alone personal development course.

    For more information and application, 

    Contact  Judy Hirsh Sampath |  T: 07956 375607  E: 

    We will enquire into the following questions so before you sign up, you may want to reflect on:

    • What does yoga mean to me?
    • How has yoga changed my life?
    • What is my intention for joining the course?
    • Who am I?

    Judy Hirsh Sampath is a Certified Yoga Therapist, International Association of Yoga Therapy

  • Reviews (2)

    I just wanted to say a huge thank you for this amazing 8 days training - Yoga Therapy The Essentials. It was probably the best thing I've ever done. It opened my eyes to a lot of things, in my personal life and for my yoga journey. All the teachers have been great, and I felt so touched by the whole group. You've created a wonderful training, thank you. We definitely need more of this in our current world.


    By seeing yoga and its philosophy in a new way, this learning has all made tremendous difference to my life already

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