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Yoga United Education

We are delighted to present you with Yoga United Education and the new line-up of ground-breaking top quality courses in the UK

We are here to offer informative and transformative student-centred training courses, created in the spirit of yoga. Our mission is to support people who love learning, growing and connecting, and who wish to create more love and peace in the world, Through education, drawing out and developing potential, we can build communities and togetherness.

 The truth is you already have everything you need to lead the most extraordinary life. Education means drawing out this We are dedicated to professional training programmes in the field of yoga and related practices. 

Through empathy, curiosity, knowledge, experience and imagination in our inner wise domain, we can become powerful agents for change - in ourselves, our communities and the wider domain.

 A warm welcome to Yoga United Education!



Oct-Dec 2017


 4 Nov 2017

Yoga United Yoga Therapy Module 1

The Wise Domain: Tuning into the Body (60hrs)  

 Chair Yoga day course 

(see June 2018 for Richard Kravetz brand new course) 


Judy Hirsh Sampath with guest teachers Beverley Nolan, Jyoti Manuel, James Boag, Antonia Boyle, Mary Mackie


Richard Kravetz








APRIL 2018


Email judy@yogaunited.com



9 Dec

 2hr workshop - Mindfulness for Busy People: Turn down the noise of your over-worked mind and tune into the wisdom that lies behind. When you are busy, It is easy to get distracted so this focussed group environment helps to become settled and clear. 

with Yoga Therapist, Judy Hirsh



The Laboratory Spa & Health Club, Muswell Hill London N10 2QE



5-7 Jan 2018  NLP - neuro-linguistic programming course

Antonia Boyle


London   BOOK NOW
Spring 2018 

Yoga United Yoga Therapy Module 1

The Wise Domain: Tuning into the Body (60hrs)

28/29 Apr, 12/13 May, 2/3 June, 23/24 June

Judy Hirsh Sampath with guest teachers Beverley Nolan, Jyoti Jo Manuel, James Boag, Antonia Boyle, Mary Mackie


London   BOOK NOW
Apr-Oct 2018

BWY Foundation Course 1

Deepen your knowledge and practice. In her 6th year of teaching this course, Judy says 'this course has no formal  assessments - it's a pleasure not a pressure!'

Judy Hirsh Sampath



London   APPLY NOW 

9 June 2018

MATURE MOVERS - Gentle Yoga Training

Yoga for later years, chair yoga, managing single or multiple ailments,special needs, dementia, sensory impairment and other age related issues


Richard Kravetz 





Sept18 -Apr 2020 

Yoga United Yoga Therapy Professional Training

Modules 1-10 (550hr)

  • Guest module with Uma Dinsmore Tuli
  • Guest module with Michael Lee, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy USA

Judy Hirsh Sampath & faculty




London    Email for a prospectus 

Online Training

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 Total Yoga Nidra Foundation with Uma Dinsmore Tuli                                          

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Sleep Well with Total Yoga Nidra, Uma Dinsmore Tuli & Nirlipta Tuli

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What would you like to see on this list?

Email us  education@yogaunited.com


TBC                    Restorative Yoga Teacher Training - 60 hours with Beverley Nolan                                              


TBC                    Restorative Refresher -  Creative ways to use props to de-stress                                                              


TBC                    Embodied Anatomy Workshop Series, North London during 2018/19                                                                                                        


TBC                    Sports Injury Yoga Rehab Lab - North London yoga workshops with Anthea Sweet                                            


TBC                    South Indian cookery with Saz Sampath - North London workshop with recipes & dinner    

TBC                    Sculpture Practical with Saz Sampath & team - South India workshop

TBC                    Ayurvedic Massage Training wtih Jojo & team - Kerala workshop

 For further details on all the above courses, email us at