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The Beauty of the Breath for Mobility and Strength

One day workshop with Anthea Sweet for anyone who appreciates the beauty of the breath to guide the body to natural alignment.  

Come and learn some practical strategies for developing strength and flexibility through the whole structure.

When: 29 June 2019
Where: The Arc Centre, 98b St Paul St, London N1 7DF (nearest stations: Highbury/Islington, Angel, Essex Road

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A one day workshop with Anthea Sweet for yoga practitioners, teachers and therapists who appreciate the beauty of the breath.

In this workshop, you will learn how you can develop an appropriate balance between flexibility and strength in your body.  We’ll get to the bottom of why flexibility alone is not enough, when it is dangerous, why it might be better termed “mobility” and how the breath is key to building strength and resilience as well as opening the body.

Using games and props to identify and tackle common areas of weakness, vulnerability and imbalance, we look at practical strategies for different age groups and abilities, including making adjustments and body awareness which supports a balanced and healthy structure.  We’ll consider what it really means to be strong in our core - and how we can bring this into yoga asanas without doing sit-ups and crunchies!   

Anthea Sweet has been teaching yoga for 15 years, qualifying with the BWY and the Institute of Yoga Sports Science® (iYSS). She teaches classes, workshops and 1:1 yoga, and specialises in postural analysis and structural fitness, with a strong belief in the potential of yoga for effective performance of the mind and body, injury prevention and lifestyle management.  She combines these skills with practising and teaching sports/remedial massage therapy, and has worked with clients from all walks of life including athletes and non-athletes. She is Director of Academic Faculty for iYSS.

29 June 2019 at: The Arc Centre, 98b St Paul St, London N1 7DF (nearest stations: Highbury/Islington, Angel, Essex Road

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